ver. 1.9  
  Special FX  
  With ScatterVL Pro, you're not limited to volumetric lights only, but you can also create amazing special effects in no time.

The best proof for it's versatility are animations available on this page. Feel free to enjoy them as much as we enjoyed creating them!

Please check the image above to see the light FX using Lens Effect glow. Top left image shows the original.

Inverted shadows? Why not.

Ever wanted to see your flares distorted as they pass behind glassy object, or seen in refection? Wait no more because EnlightParticles and Scatter VL Pro makes this for you.

As ScatterVL Pro makes it possible to affect MAX Z-buffer, Mtl buffer and Object ID buffer it is extremely easy to tweak the final results by using Lens Effects render effect glow (or any other appropriate Render Effect plug-in). This way you can see the changes as you work!

AfterBurn users can easily apply AfterBurn Daemons to ScatterVL Pro to achieve additional control over the volume noise, motion, density and color.

Amazing effects can be achieved knowing the fact that effect control can be based on the Daemon position.

With AfterBurn Wind Daemon you can move noise in any direction you want. It is also possible to animate direction and wind strength.