ver. 1.9  
  For a very long time MAX users were seeking for a tool that will be able to control volume look and feel almost independently of the actual light settings. Finally, we have developed such tool for you! ScatterVL Pro will let you alter any aspect of volumetric light, even to use own projector map!

You always wanted to see colored volume shadows cast by MAX raytraced shadows but MAX Vlight does not support them? That time of incompatibility in MAX is over! ScatterVL Pro can use Raytraced Shadows the same way as Shadow Maps. You don't need any "special" maps to be able to cast colored shadows inside volume! This makes it easy to use ScatterVL Pro inside your old scenes without altering the scene.

AFC bezier control makes it easy to manually adjust falloff to whatever you want. It gives you a complete control over the density depending on the distance from the light origin. It is ideal for achieving astonishing special effects otherwise impossible to do. Each key can also be animated.

You can easily control radial color of the beam by using built-in Gradients. Gradients are fully resizeable, while color keys can be saved and loaded from disk.

You can even adjust the distance where shadow will disappear! On the image above, a box is casting shadow inside bottom half of the volume.

Thanks to FusionWorks, ScatterVL Pro can even use DOF, or Glow.

Included SVL Pro Caustic Map plugin enables caustics inside the volume! Since this map is actually a fake, rendering times are pretty close as rendering with Shadow Maps. At the same time you can easily control the center brightness, sharpness and edge darkness.

When raytraced shadows are not desired in your project but you need colorized shadow through an object, you can use SVL Caustic Map as a compromise. Shadows smoothness can be adjusted by varying the Sample Range parameter thus producing much softer output... plus you get the ability to cast caustics!!

Using projector slot placed on lights menu was always frustrating when you wanted to shape the volumetric light beam, but didn't want this map to be projected onto other objects. From now on this is possible using separate projector slot inside ScatterVL Pro!