ver. 1.5  
  Enlight Object  
  Enlight Object can turn any mesh into a light source. Objects can act as a light sources even if they are not directly illuminated by MAX lights.

It does not need for you to refine mesh to get good results - you can get great results with only one face. Actually, you don't need to rely on the mesh faces - you can add UV lights based on the mapping applied to the object !

Click once create&pick many technology ! With one mouse click you can create as many Enlights as there are selected objects, and each Enlight already has one object "picked". This technology is the most simple way to do "create and pick" task.

Enlight is a great choice for Game developing companies. It is compatible with MAX tools that store illumination info as Vertex color channel. This makes easy to export Illumination solution directly to your game engine.

Subsampling on a face or UV level provides more accurate illumination calculation without increasing rendering time.

Advanced Shadowing System is able to cast shadows that are depending on object proportions, position, rotation, or even user can place them manually !