FumeFX™ 5.0.3 for 3ds Max® release

Posted on May 05, 2019

May 05, 2019 - Sitni Sati releases FumeFX™ 5.0.3 update for Autodesk® 3ds Max®. In addition to bug fixes, this update includes new FumeFX 4 Solver option, tyFlow support, GPU Viewport Multiview, 3ds Max® 2020 support and more. With FumeFX 5 release there were many changes and improvements throughout the simulation core which inevitably led to quite different simulation results when compared to previous FumeFX version. The newly added option to use the FumeFX 4 Solver will allow users to achieve similar results compared to FumeFX 4 with benefits of FumeFX's 5 features.

- 3ds Max® 2020 support.

GPU Viewport

- Added Multiview option.

- Added Arnold light approximation to the FumeFX GPU Viewport.

- Changed default option for Show Fire and Smoke in viewport which are now enabled by default.

- Fixed Playback From/To parameter change didn't trigger iewport refresh.

- Fixed viewport update bug when switching cache files.

- Fixed viewport update bug. In a newly created scene create grid and run simulation. Perspective viewport point display didn't work until the viewport was rotated.

- Fixed 3ds max crash if you pick Arnold Light from FumeFX Light pick dialog.


- Added option to use the FFX4 Solver.

- Added ability to select tyFlow particles from Particle Source.

- Added support of tyFlow's float and vector particle channels for the Interpolation controllers.

- Fixed FumeFX Wind didn't show parameters inside the Track View

- Fixed bug where VDB files with conservative advection and sub-steps didn't retime properly.

- Fixed MXS that was broken pre 3ds max 2019

- Changed Default Vorticity II values. New default for Strength is 0.9 and for Vortices Scale is 0.01.

- Changed MXS GetPath() that will now return extension as well.


- Fixed bug that caused Arnold renderer to hang if two or more FumeFX grids were in the scene.