ver. 4.1  
  Wavelet Turbulence  
  When it comes to fluid dynamics, adding more detail always results in increased simulation times and different fluid flow compared to the same simulation run at low resolution. To overcome this problem, FumeFX uses a new technique called Wavelet Turbulence. Using this technique, the user can run the simulation on a coarse grid and once desired motion is achieved, generate extra detail with one mouse click.

In production, this feature is a huge time saver. As a starting point, you can quickly create numerous low detail simulations that compute quickly, and once you get approval for that shot, use Wavelet Turbulence to add extra detail. This method increases fluid detail level but at the same time, it keeps the motion from the original low detail simulation unchanged. Another advantage of this approach is that the high detail grid produced by Wavelet turbulence also computes quickly and uses less memory than would be required by a similar FumeFX 1.0 grid with the same level of detail.

Wavelet Turbulence can create lots of small detail in a fraction of time