ver. 4.1  

"FumeFX has been an essential part of our pipeline since it was first released. We rely on FumeFX to create everything from the most demanding fire and smoke simulations to more subtle atmospheric effects such as dust and sand. We have completely integrated FumeFX 2.0 which adds great new features and functionality to an already robust and stable VFX solution."

- Dave Hare, Tigar Hare Studios

"In our production, we are using Fume FX since version 1.0 and we found it to be highly reliable and optimized fluid simulation software. Not to mention that it's highly versatile and really enjoyable tool to work with. Its simplicity yet complexity and compatibility with other 3dsmax plugins we use (Thinking Particles, final Render) makes it greatly malleable tool in a production pipeline for making amazing dynamic scenes for feature films . Sitni Sati plugins helped 3ds max to a great extent to become popular as it is now."

Rif Dagher, Cg Supervisor, Pixel Magic, CG fluids inc.

"FumeFX is an amazing plugin for fire and gas simulations. It works perfectly for us at the Calgary Fire Department. Alot of the fire fighters here have noticed how much more realisticly the fire and smoke moves and how well it reacts to environments in comparison to other animations they have seen."

- Ryan Chamberlain, Graphic Modeling Designer, Calgary Fire Department

" Fume FX is already the industry standard in Hollywood for recreating realistic pyrotechnics such as fire, smoke and explosions and other atmospheric FX. It is used by many of the leading visual fx houses around the world for movie and game production. With Fume FX 2.0's amazing new features such as Wavelet Turbulence, Retimer & Post Processing, the possibilities are endless! Not only with its abilities to exceed more simulation detail than ever deemed necessary, but also its flexibility and capabilities for speeding up production work flow.
Recently used on many film productions I've been tied to, as well as in my CG Society Workshops I have developed, it has always exceeded expectations and sometimes been the key reason for many of the larger non Windows based studios I've worked with to look at 3D Studio Max as their CG fire solution.
Fume FX is the backbone of my studio pipeline and I solely rely on its advanced integration into 3D Studio Max & Particle Flow to achieve results necessary for producing many of today's Blockbuster visual FX shots."

Allan McKay, Catastrophic FX - Blur - Industrial Light + Magic

"Using FumeFX since version 1, I have watched it grow from something great to something truly amazing. Every project I use it on it proves itself more and more to be hands down the fastest and most economical fire/smoke solver out on the market. Companies are really starting to take note to FumeFX and working it into their pipelines, and with the new features in 2.0 like the "Retimer and "Wavelet simming", I suspect even more companies will gain interest.
It has proved to be the essential tool to get the job done in time for deadline on "2012", "Alice in Wonderland", X:men Wolverine", and most recently "The Sorcerer's Apprentice". Every company needs atleast one box with FumeFX on might save your project."

Andy Byrne, Sr. FX artist, Hydraulx - Asylumfx - Cafefx

"FumeFX 2.0 is a huge step forward. The new post-processing features enable artists to re-time and add extra detail through wavelet turbulence greatly reducing the time needed to create simulation iterations. Also, the new per particle control on fume particle sources enables artists to maximize control over their simulations in conjunction with powerful particle systems like Thinking Particles. FumeFX 2.0 improves on a tool that was already best-in-class."

Ari Sachter-Zeltzer, CG Effects Supervisor "2012" & owner of Shadowplay Studio

"Fume FX is our goto package for all of our atmospheric needs. Fume's quality and speed are unparalleled in any other package. Our cinematics rely on Fume's ability to provide amazingly realistic, highly detailed, fantastic simulations which help bring Blizzard's worlds to life. Without it, our Director's vision would often be unachievable in any reasonable time frame. We're confident that whatever effect is demanded of us, Fume will be there to help us make it happen."

Mike Kelleher, FX Supervisor, Blizzard Entertainment