ver. 4.1  
  Post Processing  
  Imagine following situation. You have created a final shot and then director comes to you and asks if you can slow it down by 20%!
For the artist, this is a nightmare situation since changing the time scale will cause the fluid system to behave differently. This can be catastrophic as you'll end up with motion that will not be exactly the same as the one approved. And that doesn't even throw into consideration the time required to re-run the simulation at an ultra high resolution.

This is where our Retimer comes into play and here is how it works.
During the normal simulation, you need to export all parameters to the cache file, so that Retimer can reconstruct missing frames by using only the existing caches.

Inside Retimer, you specify the caches time scale and you're ready to go. Since the time scale parameter can be animated, user can easily build a stop-motion effect in a few clicks.

By using Retimer user can change caches playback speed

The Retimer functionality requires that additional information (not used otherwise) be stored inside the original cache files. However, it is possible to optimize caches during the Post Processing pass.

Caches can be optimized in two ways - by excluding channles that are not required for rendering and by allowing FumeFX to minimize grid dimensions. This way it is possible to save hard disk space and to speed up rendering.