ver. 4.1  
  Particle Operators  

FumeFX fully integrates with the major particle systems in 3ds Max, Thinking Particles (TP) and Particle Flow (PF). Both systems can serve as Particle Sources for FumeFX. Additionally, FumeFX provides three operators of equivalent functionality to affect each system. Most importantly, FumeFX and these particle systems can dynamically affect each other at the same time.

- The three FumeFX particle operators are Birth, Test, and Follow. Each respectively affects the following: Birth of particles in specific grid areas, depending on smoke, fire, velocity and other channels; Testing of events based on those same channels; and, particle tendency to follow the movement of fire and smoke.

- TP Probe operator is unique to Thinking Particles. It isolates some of the abilities available through the Test operator and primarily exists for simplicity. TP Probe operator extracts channel values from any specific point or particle position. This enables adjustment of particle properties or the triggering of scene events in dependence of a FumeFX simulation.

- On the image below, you can see a setup where FumeFX TP Probe operator samples FumeFX to obtain velocities. Those velocities are then used to push particles which are driven by the TP's rigid body simulation.

- Thinking Particles can also affect a FumeFX simulation with its geometry output, making FumeFX an ideal choice to add realistic detail to any TP scene.

- Following image shows TP operators that can control FumeFX Source emission Velocity. Using Thinking Particles ParamBlock operator, it is possible to affect almost any parameter inside the FumeFX. In this case, it is used to adjust FumeFX Simulation Steps based on the custom rule.