ver. 4.1  
  For realistic rendering, it is important to compute the interaction between light and any gaseous medium. The two most important aspects of these interactions are: light absorption/emission, and scattering.

- To speed up the rendering of self-shadows, FumeFX uses an Illumination Map that pre-computes lighting information without significant loss of detail. This Illumination Map can be stored on a hard disk and reused during rendering.

- Additional adjustments of the Illumination Map's strength can be made without re-computing.

Smoke is a medium through which light repeatedly scatters from small particles until it reaches camera. This effect is known as multiple scattering. In computer graphics, simulating a multiple scattering through a participating medium is a complicated and time-consuming process.

- FumeFX incorporates a simplified and time efficient multiple scattering model that makes it possible to render realistic images.