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  Celebrating 5 years !  

December 1st, 2011. Five years ago in December 2006, FumeFX 1.0 became the first commercial fluid dynamics tool released for 3ds max. It was fast, robust and intuitive so many companies have adopted it as their favorite tool for creating fire and smoke special effects. In contrast to many other tools, FumeFX 1.0 was fast, reliable and easy to use. It was able to utilize all processors and its core was optimized for performance and memory utilization. This didn't happen over the night and from nowhere. Since early alpha version, we were working closely with artists from the feature film industry and relied on their feedback and constructive critics. FumeFX began its journey into the world of feature film with the movie "The Host", where it was used for numerous fire and smoke special effects.

Rif Dagher remembers those early days.
"The Host was the first challenging fluids effects feature film that I have encountered in my career. At that time, FumeFX was in alpha stage, which gave me unique opportunity to influence software design and operation from the production point of view. Developers at Sitni Sati were aware of production requirement so that we both were working very hard, even throughout the Xmass/New Year holidays. Those efforts resulted in many shots of The Host creature on fire.
I am proud to be part of development of this amazing plugin which became industry standard for fire and smoke simulations in feature film industry and I'm looking forward to the next FumeFX evolution step with more cutting edge technologies."

After FumeFX' debut in the The Host film, Superman Returns, The Mist and Spiderman 3 followed shortly after.
In late 2009 FumeFX got it's first "big time" usage on Roland Emmerich's blockbuster "2012". It was extensively used on Los Angeles destruction scene, Las Vegas airport scene and several other shots. Feedback from artists involved in production of 2012 helped Sitni Sati to refine FumeFX and to release version 2.0 in May 2010. New version added features that were essential for detail improvement and time scale handling. With Wavelet Turbulence users were able to add additional detail to their simulations while preserving original motion. Another important addition was Retimer which was essential for efficient time scaling of pre-computed caches.

Alessandro Nardini was artist at the Uncharted Territory and he was in charge of several FumeFX shots.
"Roland Emmerich's 2012 has been the biggest VFX Hollywood blockbuster to date and the biggest VFX challenge in my career! We were operating under a very difficult deadline and time was flying fast considering the amount and complexity of FX we had to deliver. Realism of smoke and dust elements was the key in almost every shot.
FumeFX, which I have been using since its first commercial release, was the key tool in putting the cherry on top of the cake, generating state of the art smoke and dust for the most memorable shots in the movie. I can remember how much fun it was to be able to use it for the project of such scale and as heavy as every FX artist can hope for. After all, we were bringing California to an end!
Developers at Sitni Sati just did an amazing job in implementing key feature for the realization of such complex sequences like the Los Angeles destruction and Las Vegas airport scene. I am thrilled at the idea of an upcoming new release of FumeFX, version 3!"

Zack Snyder's movie "Suckerpunch" was another big FX film where Pixomondo was in charge for the World War I sequence. They used FumeFX for the zeppelin crash sequence and majority of smoke/fire elements throughout the sequence. Some shots required over a dozen of FumeFX grids which were handled through their own FX manager.

Mohsen Mousavi, was VFX/DFX supervisor for Suckerpunch at Pixomondo.
"For us, having a major role in such visually stunning project was a fun challenge in all aspects. It has been great to be involved as one of the key assets that Zack Snyder used to bring his vision to life and with no doubts FumeFX played an irreplaceable role all the way in all the hero shots. Fast, reliable, artist friendly and at the same time scalable!. On the zeppelin collapse sequence, We had some extreme close-ups of hero fire, smoke and explosions which played a key role to achieve those stunning visuals of the director. We have been using FuneFX since its first release on almost every single feature film Pixomondo did in the past 5 years.
FumeFX 3 will sets new boundaries on simulating state of the art fluids in the industry! "

Past five years have been really productive, resulting in large number of feature films and dozens of game cinematics that have incorporated FumeFX. We wish to thanks to all talented FumeFX artists and their studios for brilliant work that have inspired us and helped us to make FumeFX better.

During the FumeFX' 5th anniversary, Sitni Sati and it's resellers will run a special, time limited offer - FumeFX 2.0 for only $795. In addition to reduced price and with FumeFX 3.0 around the corner, we are pleased to offer a free upgrade from FumeFX 2.0 to 3.0 for all customers that place their FumeFX 2.0 order now.
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